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Make your Ruby Strings talk!

"Talk to me".to_speech

Will speech the phrase "Talk to me"
by the computer speakers.

RDOC: http://festivaltts4r.rubyforge.org/rdoc

Make your Ruby on Rails Applications talk!

<%= text_to_flash_player "I am a web page, \
 				but I talk" %>

Will generate:

Test it live at:

Tested and working in Ubuntu linux
and in Mac (tested in Mac by Daniel Andrade Molina, www.railsmx.com)

  1. Install festival tts and lame

    sudo apt-get install festival lame

  1. Install festivaltts4r gem:

    sudo gem install festivaltts4r

  2. Make your strings talk:

    require "rubygems"
    require "festivaltts4r"
    "I'm talking".to_speech
  1. Install festivalttsOnRails plugin
    script/plugin install \
  2. Make your rails applications talk
    <%= text_to_flash_player "Talk me!" %>

You can found more information in my english blog spejman-on-rails.blogspot.com
or in the spanish one spejman.blogspot.com.

Work done by Sergio Espeja ( sergio.espeja at bee.com.es ). Contributed by Mike Mondragon ( mikemondragon at gmail.com ).

The flash mp3 player used to play the voice has been developed by dew under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License France license.

Software License Agreement

It is free software, and may be redistributed under GPL license.
Copyright (c) 2007 Sergio Espeja